June 16, 2022

Alcoa Foundation supports second round of social management training for Guineans

A new cohort of 20 trainees set off for Cameroon last month to begin a four-month classroom component of an intensive training program offered by Earthworm Foundation’s Centre of Social Excellence (CSE). Along with representatives from mining companies, government, and civil society, this year’s cohort includes five representatives from communities impacted by bauxite mining operations in the Boké region of Guinea.

Students are taking courses centered around proactive social management in the mining sector and participating in field visits to small local villages to apply the research methods they are learning. Given their diverse mix of backgrounds, participants are also learning from each other about the important cultural and ancestral contexts in communities that govern rules around issues like land rights.?

The group will return to Guinea after the classroom component to undertake six-month practical field projects to apply learned knowledge to specific mining challenges identified through their studies and interactions. They will present their findings to stakeholders in the mining industry at a symposium in early 2023.

The program, fully funded by Alcoa Foundation, aims to equip a diverse group of stakeholders working in Boké with skills to support responsible mining practices and positive economic outcomes for communities. The skills are essential given the vast bauxite reserves in Guinea and growing foreign direct investment by mining companies.

A separate two-week capacity course for community leaders in Boké will be offered by Earthworm Foundation later in 2022. The short course will equip them with knowledge of the rights and duties of their communities and strengthen their ability to advocate constructively during development processes.

“We are proud to continue support for these trainings that will provide important skills needed to engage on development issues and build trusting relationships between all stakeholders”, said Rosa Garcia Pineiro, President of Alcoa Foundation.

In February, Alcoa Foundation spotlighted one of its earlier partnerships with Foundation.

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